About me

I don’t like to write about myself this directly, it’s hard trying to explain something you don’t understand. That’s why I write. All my characters, all my plots, are only expressions of different parts of myself, of different feelings and stages in my life, a desperate attempt to figure out how they can make a whole.

Here I write about all sorts of things: you may find very personal stuff , essays about books or arts, lyrics, articles, reflections… whatever catches my attention and I feel like writing about. What I publish here doesn’t have to be true, I usually mix reality with inventions.  I consider this a space where I can say honestly what’s really in my mind.

English is not my mother tongue, so sometimes I make mistakes or find it difficult to express my thoughts clearly or the way I wanted. Also, I don’t write in English as good as I wished, but I like this language and try to make an effort.

The inspiration to start the blog came to me from Aaron Elliott’s (Cometbus) writing.  I admire his style and made me want to start something new by myself. And here it is…


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