When at night you feel empty and bored, and you don’t know what to do with the endless hours of darkness, you can always go and walk the empty streets of the city, or pick up the phone, and use someone’s body to have a good time and shake off the cold of the night. You can always use someone. Someone who probably is in need, someone who hasn’t had it easy. But she does so freely, right? And besides, you never would want to hurt her, it’s just that you are bored and you’re human. Men are like that, have their urgent and unavoidable ‘needs’ that they can’t endure. We should all understand and pity.

When the love of your life is far away from you, and you sink into a spiral of doubt and separation, don’t worry, you can always use someone’s feelings to cover the absence while it lasts. Using someone. Someone who probably isn’t going through a good time and is vulnerable and prone to bear with unacceptable conditions, someone broken, but probably capable of truly love you. But he or she accepts the situation freely, right? You never would want to hurt her, it’s just that you don’t have anyone close to you, because you’ve chosen to be alone, but still think it’s not your responsibility and someone must pay. And above all, it is that you love your true sweetheart dearly, you do it for the good of both. You fool and cheat on the love of your life at the same time you abuse the feelings of a third person, but for the sake of the two. It is wonderful, and we should all understand and congratulate you.

When you’re too tired to do your job and fulfill your responsibilities, you can always use someone. Use their brainpower and sense of responsibility to accept to do what is left, your part. And then give the feeling to all that you’re a knowledgeable and experienced guy in his work. But that someone does so freely, right? You never would want to hurt her, it’s just that you’ve tried, but your intelligence is not enough for doing your task. It’s not your fault. We should all understand and give you a pat on the back.

And when you get carried away by materialistic ravings and ambition rots you, if you don’t have means to satisfy it, you can also use someone, someone with money in this case, to become a parasite. Someone who probably hasn’t had much luck on his personal life and is desperate, someone who even realizes the situation, but has suffered it so many times that is the only thing he can aspire to. But he accepts it freely, right? You never would want to hurt her, why should you refuse the gifts and quirks you ask for? We should all envy you. Envy you, not him.

When you start getting older and realize you’ve wasted much of your life and your dreams will not be fulfilled because this is reality and you live sick of regrets, you can always use someone to give you a new opportunity. Someone much younger and helpless, to train him as a machine to fulfill the dreams you left along the way, no matter which are his own, negating him until he becomes an extension of you. But he freely accepts, right? You never would want to hurt him, it’s all for his sake, to not let him make the same mistakes as you.

And when you manage a big company and reach the pinnacle of success, you can always use someone to get even more benefits and to innovate and bring people a new production or technological revolution, or just sell them a little more shit that possibly they think they need. You can use them because they’re empty, because they’re confused and don’t know what they want, because someone has ingeniously devised a system to make grow and capitalize on human greed. But they go to the shops and buy freely, right? And to save production costs, you can always exploit people who have had less luck in the lottery of the world, and put them to work for you 24 hours a day since they turn four years-old until the dilapidated factory will fall over them, time in which you’ll unlink completely of it. But they go to work freely, right? You could say you’re helping them and are a great benefactor.

When your shelter inside of your heart repugnant and abhorrent desires like a perverted pig, desires that in your country you could never meet because you’ll go to jail and our society wouldn’t approve them, you always can go two weeks on holiday to a poorer country, where there is no law, where people are desperate for access to a better life, where people dream that someone brings them out of their hole, and don’t mind the price they have to pay, don’t care stooping because they have no other option. Then you can go there and abuse children, abuse women, abuse their work, their country, their poverty and despair. You can do things you’d never do in our society, and nobody has to know. When you return to the country of the lollipop, you can keep on defending children, women and the poor of the Third World. And nothing has happened. No one will suspect. In addition, they did it freely, right? What is the problem?

Do not forget, the solution to all problems of life, is always to use someone. There are so many people in the world that you can find a person to fill any need that you feel, and that person will accept it freely. While she accepts it freely, no more talk, it is all perfectly ethical and reasonable. The fact that she may not have an alternative, or is unable to choose them, we can circumvent it. The fact that you’re despoiling her of her dignity, that you’re turning her into an object, it’s a small and inconvenient detail that diverts us from our self-absorption, of our human and emotional poverty. In our daily lives we are all politically correct, we swear that we’re good people, concerned about the world, and defend the weak, immigrants, the disabled, women, poor people, children, animals. But then we don’t hesitate to kick in the ass to those people whom we abuse, or don’t hesitate to continue abusing them until we destroy them, until we wrest the last drop of humanity in them. Where is our lollipop world? What is the reality that all these simpletons gurus of ‘positive thinking’ and ‘will smile on all things’ see? We are a marvel of self-deception. We are as hypocritical as everything around us. We are a genocidal and cruel civilization, like any other. We’re truly and vicerally disgusting, and I hope History will judge us as so.



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