“In my innocence, I always thought that cruelty should be the result of a mistake, but as years go by, each day I’m more and more convinced that people is cruel in the most unjustfied ways, just because they want to. I guess that’s what is called the banality of evil.”

And while the  girl was pronouncing these words with certain sorrow in the busy college cafe at lunch hour, ironically someone’s hand stole her case without her noticing it. Luckily, despites some data, the backpack didn’t contained anything of special or sentimental value, but of material value. Anyway, thefts not only cause economic damage, but also they make people feel powerless, even gilty. At the bottom, to steal is the only type of evil that exists, it’s the origin of all evil, since all that is bad can be defined from it. When someone is killed, his life is stolen; when he’s been told lies, his trust and faith are taken away; when you’re dishonest, you’re dispoiling people of truth; if you abuse them, you’re stealing their dignity.

Anyway, it wasn’t the best day for the girl to have been stolen. She was a ‘loner’ young adult, stubborn in her ideas about self-sufficiency, that only hid her emotional defiencies. She was surely really good at speaking and theorizing about life, like all people of her kind, but wasn’t that good at actually living it. For some time, an utter and distressing feeling of bitterness and helplessness had settled on her: anything of what she could do, say, think and, above everything else, feel, would change nothing of reality. She was disconnected, her inner and outter life moved along parallel paths. Nothing inside of her had its corresponding expression outside, and it seemed to her she was living inside a pressure cooker about to explode. When she realized the backpack was forever gone, she looked around herself with certain reluctance. She suspected what had happened and, would anything that she could do, or feel, change things? It didn’t worth it. What can be expected from humans? Exactly what she expected.

Despites being around thirty years older than her, their parents weren’t yet as bitter as her, and when they found out about the theft, flew into a rage and displeasure. Such parents were decent people, hardworking and rigorous, so that very much in line with the strictest ideas, they were convinced that anything bad that would happen to someone had to be because he deserved it, because he was a fool, in their own words. A very capitalist idea, but, who could blame them? That was why it was best to stay away from them and their endless capacity to judge and organize other people lifes.

When the daughter hung up the phone, her father went out the house to take the cat back inside, but another neighbourhood cat passed around at the speed of light, so that the cat got scared and put on alert, taking out his nails and tearing the father’s arm. When he came back in with the bloody injuries, the mother raised Cain and both of them got into a monumental argument about wether or not taking the cat out at night.

On the other side of the telephone line, the daughter was reflecting, after having noticed the silence that surrounded her, about how much hooked the world was on the Internet. She had been left without means to participate of that and, suddenly, felt an ‘artificial’ solitude, the uncertainty of not being able to know instantly what was going on in the world, although she was about to realize she didn’t truly needed it. That solitude time belonged only to her, no one could disrupt it with their urges to know, and she realized how the private sphere of life was getting more and more confused with the public one, until the point of dissapearing.

But suddenly, she remembered there was someone waiting for her phone call that night, one of the least people that helped her retain some faith and that, in that moment, was somewhat bereaved. She couldn’t live that person alone, so that she got out of her room to find a mean to communicate with the outside world. The only alternative she found was an old phone booth that didn’t accept most of the coins and suddenly cut the phone line, so that she had to give up and go back home, haunted by the cold of night, feeling useless one more time. Life had just gone over her again and force her against her will to leave alone someone she loved.




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