In a distant realm beyond the stars, alone stood a majestic castle on the top of a hill at the end of an empty wasteland, just where it broke sharply and became a cliff of sharp stones that dropped into the ocean. The castle had not the abandoned appearance of medieval ones, its architecture was much more modern, although the stones of the walls were dirty and had almost lost the color, and marks of the pass of time could also be noticed in its humidities and some cracks that lead to think it soon would fall down.

However, the castle was not entirely abandoned, despite their appearance. It was inhabited by a princess, who spent his days wandering around the rooms, bedecked with her best dresses and jewelry, wearing a beautiful golden crown with diamonds on the head. Such princess had never ventured beyond the walls of her castle, so knew nothing of the outside world, but she had no need to know, and didn’t care. She was comfortably happy within the walls of her little world, where she was the queen in her own kingdom, the only one that mattered there, where just by thinking about what she wanted, it instantly materialized before her eyes and could enjoy it. Who could be so lucky? At nightfall, after having enjoyed another day of calm, the princess retired to her room and slept lulled by the sound of the waves breaking against the cliff serenely.

The castle where the princess lived had a special property: it never remained the same, but slowly mutated, so that new rooms appeared where there was none, others disappeared forever, and others changed inside. One day the princess noticed a door that hadn’t been before in the corridor through which she was walking,  but when she went to open it, she found it was locked and bolted. Then she remembered a chest guarded in his room, which contained a silver key. In the chest cover was an inscription explaining that once used to open a door, the key would not work for any other ever, but the princess knew inside it was time to use it. Once she opened the door, she found herself in a huge room filled with shelves and shelves of books, from floor to ceiling, as a kind of library. The princess went to the nearest shelf and pulled out a thick and dusty volume from one of the shelves. She opened it to a random page, but she had never seen the symbols written there, and couldn’t know its meaning. But with only wanted it, the letters suddenly began to make sense to her mind, and was able to decipher their meaning. She took the book to her room and read it there for hours lit by the light of the setting sun. The book talked about things she had never experienced, of feelings, of the distant and misterious others … Of togetherness and its candid warmth. And that book poisoned the princess, seeding in her longing and a new need.

Gradually, the days in her castle became more and more boring, equal to each other, and nights, more and more lonely and cold. She missed togetherness, although she had never experienced it, she missed it nonetheless. And as much as she wished it, it didn’t appear before her eyes as magically like the rest of what she had, but it was elusive and refused to show. The princess was turning gray and joy gave way to the sound of her footsteps crawling through the endless empty rooms of the castle as she tried to pull the weight of her body so that it moved, stripped of will.

Finally, she decided she would venture for the first time outside her castle to find another person with whom she could find friendship, and so she set off through the dark forest that began after the moor where was her home. But as she moved, the tree branches snagged in the fine velvety fabrics of her dresses, her jewelery and the intricate drawings of her crown; the roots made her stumble and fall to the ground; animals snarling made her feel in danger, and the princess realized that these things she carried wouldn’t serve her for the journey she had undertaken. She was just a poor, lost and lonely girl, amid the cruelty of the forest. She left his crown abandoned on the branch of a tree and kept going barefoot, with dirty and torn clothes. After several days, when she was about to die exhausted, got to a small clearing where a creek ran. When approaching to drink water, she thought she has seen the reflection of another person on the agitated surface of the water and her heart raced with relief and excitement. But, by looking better and calmly, she found that it was only the reflection of a well-known face what she’d seen, and she fell down beside the shore, swearing loudly that she would give all her kingdom, all, not for a horse, as a famous king said, but for a friend that would accompany her that night, whispering for the first time the syllables of her name in her ear. But no one answered her prayers.

One night finally, when she was again about to faint and was skirting the edge of the forest, in the darkness, she heard a modulated voice that sounded so much like a human would talk. She moved closer to the limits of vegetation, without much hope, and peered into the darkness. Suddenly, she saw the silhouette of a boy half hidden by bushes, calling her. No one had ever experienced such joy to see a human face as the princess at the time, and without thinking, she run happily in his direction. Unfortunately, right between the spot where the boy was standing and the forest was an abyss, black and deep, so that one couldn’t distinguish the bottom. With the darkness surrounding them and the emotion of the meeting, the princess didn’t notice it, and stumbled, falling hopelessly inside. The night swallowed his last cry of terror and the princess learned too late about the huge gap that separated her from the others, so immense that made them unattainable.

And so abruptly ends the story  about this princess. Beware of togertheness and save yourselves of its empty promises. Good night.





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