I’m watching the stars alone and I can’t help feeling so apart from everything. I’ll end up this day as always, and I don’t even know why I feel like crying now. I don’t even know wether I’m sad, maybe I’m just empty, if it’s because of you or not, although it’s been a while ago since I think I just cry because of me. I try to figure out how much this pain matters in comparison with the inmensity over me, but for me the whole universe is contained inside of it. Then I see a shooting star crossing for a few seconds and think about asking to get my only wish, and finally pronounce it quietly, knowing is useless. I don’t believe in shooting stars, I don’t believe this all has a meaning, I don’t believe in love, I don’t believe in human beings, and thus how could I have faith on their Creator? I don’t believe in anything, I’m just a pale and shallow shadow wandering lost in this world.

People cheat and people lie
while you just watch it all go by
counting days until you die

It’s not where you’re coming from
it’s where you’re going to
and I just wanna go with you

The stars shine in the sky tonight by Eels


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