There’s a common believe that a lone wolf must be someone cold, bitter or insensible, who runs away from people because they hate most of them. Nothing further from the truth. The list of the things a lone wolf hates is so long, but there’re also things and people a lone wolf can love tenderly. But that’s their best kept secret, one they’ll never admit, even in front of themselves. Maybe they love them too much, in a way hard to understand, they feel other person’s feelings like if they were them, so that’s the reason why they run away and hide themselves in their comforting lonsome. It’s not easy to live bearing the weight of a great sensibility, and one has to protect himself in order to survive. That’s why many lone wolfs are lone wolfs. Feeling too much can be marvelous or tremendously dangerous, so it’s necessary for them to be careful and control the emotional burden they’re holding. Despites of that, a lone wolf’s heart usually keeps greatness.

Being so sensible and having to stay away from the world in a partly self-impost isolation, in a desperate try to save oneself, is so tiring, and many times the lone wolf gets melancholic. Specially, every evening, when it starts to get dark, the lone wolf goes outside his refuge and watch the fading sky, while the sun goes to die into the horizon once again, so calmly, so resigned, the same way the lone wolf gets along with his inevitable condition. Then, wonders if he, like the sun, will one day die into the horizon, and a cold tear falls down his cheek, his heart bleeding for any particular reason, but all of them. When the stars are shining already and the wolf feels the freezing wind of the night, he turns back to his burrow again.

Some nights, specially when there’s full moon, the wolf find some trouble sleeping. The thoughts collapse his restless mind, feelings keep awake his tormented soul, and finally, he has to go for a walk in the silent and dark forest of his life. Once out, after wandering around, he always ends up climbing a hill and, from there, emits a long and disheartened howl that comes from the deepest corner of his heart, so desperate, so beatufil, so cruel, and, once it’s extinguished, for a while he watches the forest, hears the silence, waiting for the answer of a trouble soul like him, who finally could understand, but nothing happens, and the lone wolf hides into his forlorn hope.


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