A lone wolf has always been a character caught between the poetic and the tragic, a fascinating creature, surrounded by an aura of power, with the amazing ability to live by and for himself, someone everyone would want to know to unravel the depths of his enigma. But that’s just an idealization, reality is always very different and, once again, is closer to tragedy, because superpowers don’t exist and, let’s admit it, it’s just almost impossible to survive alone.

A question many people sure are wondering is this: is a lone wolf born or made? That’s an open question. Perhaps we could say that both options are valid. Any lone wolf has to be born with a predisposition toward introversion and individualism, a basic instinct that makes him naturally suspicious of others. All these features may be exaggerated later, with life experiences which come to form and refine the ways that take our subject, because, of course, there’re many ways to be a loner, but not better or worse.

Many of you might be wondering how a lone wolf lives, how is a day in his life. Well, the lone wolf is first a wolf, so usually he has nocturnal tendencies, so he prefers to sleep in the morning. The warmth of his bed is immensely comforting , especially during the cold winter. Once he decides to smarten up, will not leave much his burrow, just to get some food or do some other necessary activity . The rest of the time he spends in his lair, dedicated to his various works and projects, filling his time with things that wouldn’t make no sense except for him. When night comes, goes for a walk through the dark forest, searching the night creatures for a prey, a friend or both.

Sure many of you are wondering why I can describe a lone wolf so rigorously. Have I been able to get to know one? It hasn’t made me lack. I’ll tell you one thing: I’m a lone wolf. Nor am I sure know me at all, a lone wolf is always a mistery, even for himself, but after many years, I’m sure I could say something about them.


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