Tonight that strange mixture of notalgia and melancholy has trapped me irremediably. It’s not that I’m sad or depressed or feel like crying, just the night has gotten on me and silence, calm and darkness makes seem so comfortable. And this feeling I got like if I were missing something, although I have no idea of what. Do I have reasons to feel melancholic? Yeah, quite, and if they aren’t enough, I can always make up some new ones. Maybe I’m melancholic because of this tragic story. And do I have reasons to feel nostalgia? A lot, of a time better than this one, of a happy ending. But it’s okay, I feel good at the same time, I enjoy experimenting this blend of emotions. And I’m listening to an old song I used to hear some time ago, with such a slow cadence, so nocturnal, sweet, yearning, so melancholic… Are you in this mood too?

Tonight with words unspoken
you say that I’m the only one, 
but will my heart be broken
When the night meets the morning star?
Will you still love me tomorrow?


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