When all the little lies that make the structure of a bigger one that holds you up dangerously, while you stagger, a foot pointing to the emptiness that opens under you, when the masked ball ends up and everyone has to show their true identity and cards, when the end approaches fast with its simpliflying rail force, the truth, so burning, so painful, so cruel for the losers, but so true, become naked before your eyes, and it’s not possible to look away, such is its majesty, although its immense brightness blinds you. Although it hurts to stare, the only thing you can do is duck your head, swallow your pride, claims, hopes and lies, and accept it.  Say goodbye to those dreams which become nightmares, all those carefully built mental constructions, it’s time to demolish your old beliefs and accept the counsel of truth.

And I guess I’ll have to get used to the way I live (or pretend to live) before all this story began. I’ll have to unlearn what you taught me and come back to the place where I was running away from, remember who I am and listen to that obnoxious voice inside my head that tells me I didn’t deserve it, and recognize it was right after all. Remember who I am, where are my origins and forgetting about finding something better. Come back to the loving embrace of a loving mother and home, eager to catch me and never let me go again. I’ll come back to my old life like the prodigal son, ruined, tired, hurt, and forget about my old dreams and hopes, about feelings and justice, coming back to my humble life and lick my wounds there, inside myself, where nothing can reach me, where I feel secure, the queen of my own kingdom of ice, silent and lonely, abandoned and forgotten.


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