Yesterday night I was bored without anyhting to do, so I took the easy way and check what was on TV. Finally, I ended up watching Pretty Woman. I had never watched this movie (yes, it’s true, I swear it), and though that yesterday night was a good opportunity to finally do it. As the film is pretty famous and a classic, I had great expectations. Two hours later, when it finishes, I was furious. The only thing I’d save out of that infamous bunch of moving images is the song by Roy Orbison. The rest is just a plane, ultra male chauvinist and materialist pot decorated with nasty samples of the most festive of consumerism, made to dazzle fifteen year old girls, because any woman with something inside of her head should feel indignant at such nonsense.

First of all, the main character, Vivian, most of the movie is a brainless girl who seems only dedicated to laugh shrilly, sing like a four year old, splash in a huge jacuzzy and be vulgar. Well, okay, she’s from a village and hasn’t superior education, but coming from a village and not going to university don’t imply that a person can develope a minimun education, demureness and a way to sustain herself. Here is the hackneyed topic of a vulgar woman who lives in misery and needs a man to light her way, take care of her, provide her with money and teach her to behave in society, all of this she pays wiht her body, beauty and complete dependence. And the lesson is clear: for what on Earth would you like to study and develope yourself if you can go to a corner and catch a millionaire?

On the other hand, the man is just another plane stereotype: the wealthy bussiness man, with twenty credit cars who can afford anything, even buying a woman for a week, like if she was a Chinese vase, and surprisingly, always act politely and cavalierly towards her, although he only thinks about money and bussiness. He puts the money and she puts the beauty. He takes care of bussinesses and she becomes an object-woman, just a mere embellishment. A perfect mix. A woman completely dependent of a man, who knows that debit all she has to him, without a way to live by herself. What could be more male chauvinist? I don’t understand why some women out there can say this is “such a beautiful and romantic movie” when it’s just a disrespect towards them.

The height of the movie, at least for me, comes when that coworker of Richard Gere goes to the hotel and tries to abuse the girl, slapping her. That’s when the alfa male appears to fight the abuser in a great parede of male pride and save the poor and helpless girl, who ends up making love to him in reward.

All this mixed with that revolting, barely concealed absurd consumerism, which is really the key point of the movie, because what is attractive about it it’s not the overused love story, but the luxuty that suddenly this poor girl live amongst. One could think this film is about how love goes beyond money, because he’s rich and she’s got nothing, but it’s completely the contrary: how money feed love, because if this man would have been one of the normal clients of the woman, would she ever have fallen in love with him? I think the answer is no.

So another parade of luxury suits, giant jacuzzis, champagne, large meals, expensive designer suits, model passes with background music, dinners in society, real pearl necklaces and nights at the opera (the only thing is okay here is the opera, becasue after all is a cultural value) makes out the dream of any brainless girl of modernity, all paid by her caregiver and selfless benefactor. Like if all that was the only thing a human being needs to feel completely develope. A relationship make out of materialist interests. Obviously, this doesn’t appear in the movie, but I’m pretty sure when I affirm they weren’t happy ever after. Probably, she gets tired of all that luxury and found herself used and treated like an object by this apparently perfect man. And he would felt fed up of her once she and her beuty started to age, or even before that, when they had all the sex they could.

Again, a terrible movie that I if I watch again, would be against my will. Material Girl by Madonna made movie.



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