While the speed at which days pass increases, my heart slows down. Maybe summer days are about to end and my feelings are preparing to hibernate during a long time. That’s what’s in my mind as I find myself making photocopies of today, over and over again. Lights turn off, all that made my heart speed up don’t have that effect anymore. Lights are turning off. I don’t care about anything. I’m not connected to anything or anyone. I just drift around here, pretending that there’s something that makes a difference to me. I smile when I’m suppossed to, put a sad face when I should, laugh and talk to go unnoticed, but anything of this really gets into my heart, icy again. I try to get my brain busy finding myself new things to learn or to think about, but my interest and motivation evaporate into the air in a few hours, so that I find myself lost among all the things and plans, which increases and increases, I started to then give up. I look at the phone that remains in silence and check for new messages, but there isn’t anything new. I check the news, wishing something interesting or exciting had happened, but it’s not the case. All one day mattered to me, today seem as far as another galaxy, as if it’d never happened, or would happened in another life. And in my heart lies a void I cannot put into words.


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