The sunset light comes enters through the open window , staining the wooden floor of orange colors , while the white curtain blows. The spacious room is completely empty except for a turntable in one the corner. A vinyl record rotates tirelessly, making sound Beethoven ‘s Moonlight  Sonata slowly, a piece of  such a sadness and longing  that it can’t be  described in words , only can be heard. In front of the record player, leaning against the wall , is a young woman. The orange light makes her hair shine with golden sparkles. Her eyes are low , she seems to be asleep, but actually is listening to the music carefully , carried away by the emotions it conveys , trying to control her own feelings. Not seem to realize that a tear slides down her cheek onto the floor, forming a tiny puddle.  She remained motionless for long minutes, vaguely aware of her crying. Finally, holds up her head and looks up, at the window . Her eyes, hurt by the light,  emit golden sparkles , golden as her soul, which at that moment can be guessed through them . Although the girl is not aware , her soul is old. An old soul in a young body, is there greater misfortune ? While youth tries to seduce her with its broken promises, they don’t mean nothing to her essence, which is never satisfied, because it knows that trick, so she departs alone. What can help ease her mind, that old spirit that has already seen so much , even if it wasn’t through her own eyes, but from a stranger ? What is the source of her deep knowledge of life? Whence springs that flow of intuition? She herself doesn’t know, and no one will ever find the answer of that unspoken question. Some take an entire lifetime to understand the full depth and misery of the heart and the human condition , while it came to her so clear from intuition. Others never will open their eyes or won’t be able to understand life in all its facets , in all its beauty , in all its tragedy , as she had that vision just the moment she opened her eyes to the world.  Some others will be deceived by the false promises of the world. She saw the danger from the beginning , the great danger that is losing oneself , and sought refuge in the deep waters of her inner peace , where she is strong. Out there, her values ​​and ideals are being humiliated. The only thing  that could disturb her is that enemy inside, the dark and desolate spot that folds back on itself and tries to attack from the shadows. But everyone should fight their own battles.
The last notes of Moonlight end , and the girl returns to stand still , with her old, golden soul.


*The picture is Golden Light, by Zin Lim. I highly recommend that you check out his work.


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