I found myself thinking of you. I was wondering what has been out of your life. As I don’t remember the exact moment when you came into my life, I can’t remind the last time I saw you. I never kept in my mind the second you went away probably forever. I’m sure you don’t remember me, we were never together, we were never friends, we just talked from time to time. I’ve become a vague shadow in your memories long ago, don’t remember my name, neither my face. But I remember you well because, although you never knew it, I used to love you years ago. Back then I was just a child afraid of her feelings, which ended up hurting as hell. Life has changed a lot since then for me and I wanted to know how it’s been for you. Thanks to today’s technology, it hasn’t been much difficult to find. I’ve seen you’re now studying what you always wanted, that you found a girl and you seem happy. You’re lucky, and I’m glad. But I haven’t been able to see the most important: what was so lovable about you. I’ve just seen a normal, average person, nothing special, nothing as important and enlighting as you were some day. I’ve searched between my memories of you and there was a lazy patch, a blurred reflection of what I felt for so long ago, in a different life. A tiny corner of my heart where you’re still alive. You were a nice person, but that is all. I don’t think I’d like you anymore. I don’t think I’d love you if I met you again today. I don’t think the person in my memories is you anymore. Time has passed, I’ve grown up and I want different things. Now you’re just another myth that has fallen for me.


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