So here are some drawings (click on them to zoom):

1. Lamp: who says that a lamp can’t be inspiring? This is the lamp I have on my desk, and I felt like drawing it for a long time. I guess I like its straigh lines.


2. Bike: I drew this one because I like the flowers (I think they’re the part of the drawing that looks best, although I was too lazy to shade them). The front wheel is not very convincing, though.


3. If there’s a character well built in today’s popular literature, that is Lisbeth Salander, the only thing I would save out of Millennium trilogy. She’s so complex that the plot and the other characters lose  all interest in comparison.

Lisbeth Salander

Lisbeth Salander

4. What I liked about this one first was the hair. I also liked how the lighting draws the lines of the back of the woman, but I haven’t caught it well. Guess I have to practice more.


5. This one is based on a Bansky’s graffiti:


6. What caught my attention on this one was the perfect curve describing the woman’s forehead. Drawing the hand in that position was interesting, but although I’m satisfied with the result, I could have made it better.

tribal woman

On why I’ve decided to draw again:

“You are a bit talented for everything, but you don’t have talent for anything”. And this is a big problem, because as you’re moderately good for everything, you can’t never make up your mind about what you really want to do because a lifetime isn’t enough to do all the things you’re interested in. And there’re always tones of people that make it better than you. Sometimes I would change all my bit-talents for just one, but one I could develope completely. Anyway, during these Christmas days, I’ve entered a ‘holiday loop’:  I make up a lot of things to do in order to have my mind busy and don’t become nuts. Due to this, when my brain is about to collapse, I suffer a great headache and I start to consider wether I should stop in order to don’t become nuts. And then start again because I have to do something. That is why it’s a loop. So, there I was some nights ago, lying in my bed, at 3:30 AM with my eyes widely open and a frantic mental activity. And, thinking about the things I could do, I got to the conclussion I should draw something again.

Between the list of my former hobbies, which is very, very long, because I don’t have persistence and my motivation always flies away,  drawing has a honor place. It was my favorite way of expression during my childhood. Although I also tried to write, it wasn’t the same. It was something natural for me. I remembered I drew whatever caught my attention, stroke me, or found beautiful, apart from the things I imagined by myself. I have tones of folders full of drawings I made when I was a little girl. I didn’t know if I did it well, I didn’t care much about that back then. But at some point between 12 or 13 years old, I tried to take my hobby farther and create something with a deeper meaning, I wanted to express some complex ideas or feelings through drawings. And then was when I found myself incapable of transfer to the paper what was in my mind. The results were never as I wanted, and drawing became frustrating until the point I gave it up. Apart from that, art classes at school didn’t help me to reconcile with my long term hobby. More than that, they discouraged me. Then, as a result of some bad times I went through (let’s say I don’t always get along well with myself), I completely lost touch with that creative side of me for many years. Until now.


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