Today I’m going to tell you a story. The story is about a girl. A girl without a face and without a name, because those details aren’t relevant to our story. More than a concrete girl, we can think about her more like a concept. So, the main character in our story is a conceptual girl. Many years ago, one morning she was walking through the fields of innocence, under blue skies and blazing suns, in the middle of the way, a bit far from her, she saw something shining, and ran towards it with the curiosity of the one who knows that nothing bad can happen. When she got there, it turned out that it was the most beautiful treasure she had ever seen. She took it carefully in her hands and stroked it. She observed it with more detail and realized that it wasn’t completely new, it had some scratches, but it didn’t matter, because it was her treasure, and she loved it the way it was. So she hugged it to her chest and took it home with her. There she could take good care of it and make sure that anyone would hurt it again.

Some years passed by and the girl became more and more proud of her treasure, but she knew it was very fragile, so a great fear took over her. She was afraid someone would take it away from her or would break it. She needed to hide it somewhere. She tried to put it on the top of her wardrobe, in the bottom of a suitcase that would never travel anywhere, in a box under the bed… but in all those places the dust covered it and extinguished its luster. Then, she found the perfect hideaway. She bought a smile without skin and a six pack of indifference and made a mask to cover her treasure. Of course, she had to sacrifice part of it in order to buy those things, but it was worth. Then she put it inside a box and left it on the top of the wardrobe. There no one would ever find it and she was able to forget her fears.

But it wasn’t that easy. Most of time, the girl could live pretending that her treasure had never existed but, sometimes she woke up in the middle of a cold night, alone in her bed and, in the silence, she could feel clearly her treasure calling her desperately, she could felt it beating, she could felt it… dying. Although she turned and hide her head under the pillow, she couldn’t fall asleep again, because the cries of her treasure didn’t come from outside, but from somewhere inside of her, and shed tears of  desolation because she felt lost. The next morning, her eyes were surrounded by black circles and she became more and more a blue person. Until she made up her mind: as she didn’t know exactly what to do to save her treasure, she thought it may be good if she share it with the stars and ask for their advice.

She waited until summer came, and then, in a starry night, she took her wounded treasure from its box in the top of the wardrobe and went outside holding in it carefully in her hands. She looked up to the skies and watched. There were a lot of stars out there, of different shapes, colors, sizes and ways of shine.  She wondered to which of them she should talk to. Many of those stars weren’t worth it because some of them where just plain and simple, nothing in them were different from the rest, so it wouldn’t be easy if she wanted to find the star some other night. But the rest  were drowning into their own power which was concentrated in their core, emitting a blinding light that didn’t allow them to look farther. She was dissapointed, and the only hope she had left was to find a special star, a shooting star, the kind that makes dreams come true. So she spent every night watching the sky, waiting with her treasure for a shooting star to cross the sky. Occasionally, one appeared. The girl called it and it went by her side. But she was cautious and wouldn’t share her treasure with anyone without knowing him better and being completely sure.

So she spent some time with her shooting star and she felt her treasure becoming stronger and warmer every day. A sweet and soft heat expanded through her body in waves, and she smiled like she meant it. But her greatest fear was that, when she reach out her arms, would find herself embracing the emptiness… When she felt prepared to show her most prized possesion to her star, with a big smile she opened her hands and let it had a look at what was hiding between them. She wish the star would appreciate its value, hold it and help her to take care of it. But it seemed that what was a treasure for her, wasn’t the same to others. Because, instead of that, in most of the cases, a gesture of incomprehension was drawn on the star. Then, although they stayed some more time with her, the shooting star left. In other cases, although the star wanted to hold the treasure, seeing it was too fragile and helpless, got frightened about taking that responsability, about hurt it or even breaking it. Courage was a requirement to hold that treasure, but they didn’t have it and inmediately ran away. And, finally, othe stars just didn’t care about it, they had enough bearing their own life and their own loneliness.

Anyway, every time a shooting star left, frost covered all the things in the world, a cold breathe invaded her home and a hard winter started and nested into her bones. Scratches and wounds appeared in her treasure. After all, she didn’t blame the leaving stars, she could understand their reasons because putting herself into someone else’s shoes was automatic for her. She didn’t know what feelings such as anger or rage meant. But she did feel hurt. Why didn’t anyone see the value of her treasure? Why didn’t anyone want to hold it? Was she wrong and there wasn’t anything lovable in it? Was she the only one who could love it? She was tired of closing its scars just to see how they opened again. During those tough times, she could only hugged it to her chest, like the first time, under the falling rain, and whispered everything’s going to be alright. The sun shone behind the clouds.

After some time, when her treasure had found enough strength to start again, the next summer, they both went out, like many nights before, and looked up to the skies, waiting for the next shooting star to cross the sky. A new chance. The stars watched from the darkness, so disntant, so cold, so alone, there was nothing connecting them. They were all the same, but were painfully isolated. Who knows? Maybe if she looked around her, she would find she was in a star too, waiting for a miracle that may never be, holding the emptiness…


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