It was a pleasant evening in late September. The sun was setting in the horizon and the sky was tinged with pink and orange. The old, golden city, glowed, surrounded by the river. But the bridge which crossed it, built many centuries ago, wasn’t so bright. Dirt and mosses covered its stones. A dark omen was around it. A dark creature was about to be fed.

A lovely Sunday, and tourists and people from the city had decided to go out for a walk. The old bridge was a great attraction and was crowded. Families with children running here and there, visitors taking pictures, friends laughing, a couple was holding each other and letting their gaze got lost in the depth of each other’s eyes.  Ostensibly, all was going great. But there was something strange in the light of that evening. It wasn’t natural. It was like if all was hunging on a wire, like if something was about to come in and destroy that balance, like if everything was holding its breath, waiting…

If we looked closely, we could see a young man walking slowly across the bridge. And what was special about this man? Nothing, he was a perfect normal young person. But, for an unknown reason, he was out of the scene around him, stood out from the background. He altered the tissue of reality. Unlike other people, he didn’t laugh, he was alone. A sweet melancholy could be guess within his eyes. He was searching for something more.

He suddenly stopped and contemplated the landscape that stretches as far as the eye. He stayed like that some minutes, people passing around him. Then, he roused himself and it seemed he had made his mind up about something. Resolutely, he approached the border of the bridge and climb on, carefully, watching every move, because one mistake could made him fall. The wind made more difficult this operation. But finally he got it.

Now he could see things that the others couldn’t. The wind stirred violently his hair, her clothes, threatening him. But he wasn’t afraid.  The new world that the horizon usually hides, new colors, new adventures, the meaning of knowledge, he could see through all. He stretched his arms to both sides intoxicated of that moment of glory and smiled. There wasn’t melancholy in his eyes anymore. There, his backlit silhoutte against the setting sun. He was a new man. A complete man. His mind was free to fly. That moment contained all the harmony of universe.

-Mom, look! That man is going to jump from the bridge!! – cried out a sharp voice. A child’s voice. And the harmony was broken.

At hearing this cry, all people focused on the man over the bridge, and rushed towards him. Other just stayed in their sides and watch the scene without losing a detail. The man turned back his head and, seeing all the commotion he has caused, tried to climb off the bridge while muttered an explanation about which were his true reasons. But people didn’t help him to climb off. Instead, they came closer to the border of the bridge, making impossible to him to get off.

-What are you doing? I need space to climb off.

-What? We thought you were going to jump. Now you can’t dissapoint us – said a woman in the crowd – So… jump!

All people started to cry out loud: JUMP!

The man stepped over the bridge again. He looked at the people around him. Their faces were deformed in grotesque masks of morbidity and cruelty. Bloodlust. Their hunger for spectacule needed to calm down with something, anything. Or maybe it was envy. Those creatures couldn’t be human, if being a human meant what he thought.


He turned his head away, horrified, and contemplated the emptiness that stretched beneath him. He couldn’t see all the amazing things he saw before, they weren’t beautiful anymore, they didn’t exist anymore. He felt his heart drowning. The sun was setting qucklier now, there wasn’t many time left before the ending. He started to cry desperate tears. People was still screaming: JUMP!

Then a hand went up from the crowd and, unhesitatingly, pushed the man in the back. He fell from the old and dark bridge with a cry of horror. The crowd calmed down and their faces transformed again until they appear normal. Every one went their way, without saying anything.



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