Some words are dangerous for what they could mean. Pronounced in some situations, they could mean nothing, but in others can change everything forever in a second. They can make the world a better place or can ruin everything. That is why a lot of people are afraid of these words. Because they’re able to get inside of us and hurt us, destroy everything we have built within us. These words pass through the walls of the hearts and make them vulnerable. And someone whom these kind of dangerous words have hurt, can run away to find a place to hide and become little when hear them.  Courage is necessary to understand dangerous words, but not everybody has the enough strengh to do it. So, as love has been mistreat and turned into a million other things that aren’t real and mean anything just in order to prevent us of being hurt, I think we could do the same with the dangerous words and replace them by other ones that we can use more easily. At the bottom, they aren’t real and don’t mean all they could mean but, at least, they’re safe. No one will be frightened of them. No one will be hurt, but no one will be truly loved. So, from now, instead of saying “I love you”, I’ll say “You’re safe here”.


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