In the sweet way that goes from the dream to reality, she opened her eyes and whispered: “Please, let him stay”. A golden light hurt her pupils and made her iris looked more deeply blue. She was lost in those nice seconds of mist before completely wake up and get concious of the reality that surrounded her. She moved in the bed and felt warm and secure, the kind of comfort that one feels when knows that has won the battle to the cold of night. And immediately, she thought of him and smiled. But this didn’t last much, she remembered he’s told her he had something to tell her, and concern caught her heart, ending her morning happiness. She had to meet him… where the sea touches the land.

She didn’t want to get out of the bed and face the cold, she closed her eyes and stayed in bed for some minutes. After all, she wasn’t sure wether she wanted to get up or not. But finally, she withdrew the blanket and the cold stroke. She approahces the window and looked through. The sea was calm, the sun shone, drawing figures in the water. The beach was deserted. It was a beautiful picture. And the sound of the waves… where the sea touches the land.

She took some fruit as quickly breakfast and got dressed with a simple long, beach white dress. Then she contemplated her mirror. Darkness shining on her chest. Pale face, sea eyes, with those black circles always below them, Long hair, tired blonde, like the light which had lit her eyes. It was rought and tangled. She tried to brush it and decorate it with shells and corals she has taken… where the sea touches the land.

She went out of the hut, to the shining sun outside and walked down to the seashore. The stones scratched her bare feet, and so did the frozen water. She was surrounded by the smell of the sea, its salty kisses and its sound, which got into the last corners of her heart. Her eyes got lost in the infinity of ocean, the eternity. She loved the sea, wish she could take a boat and got lost there forever, passing the nights contemplating the way the moon shone over it, its depth, its notalgia, its sadness. She usually passes hours looking at the feelings which the sea woke up inside of her, like if she would have lost something irrecoverable, something only the sea could bring back to her, but she didn’t know what it was. She stayed like that for a while… where the sea touches the land.

She looked at her left and there, in the distance, he was standing, waiting for her. She walked towards him, the waves wetting her feet, the wind tousling her hair, waving her dress which let guess her figure. She carries the darkness in her chest, knew he had to leave. As approaching him, she felt the soft vulnerability that comes in the tenderness. When she got by his side, his gaze was lost in the ocean, like hers only some minutes ago. The wind stirred his hair. Then, he looked at her:

– I have to go.

– I know.

She wanted to tell him the truth, so came closer to him and held him slowly. Then rested her head in his shoulder and whispered in his ear:

-I’ve been lonely for so long and been hurt so deeply. I walked alone this beach during many years, looking at the sea and wondering when I would met someone who accompany me. And now that I’ve found you, you have to leave… Don’t do it, please, I love you. But I know you can’t listen to me, so if you could only make one last thing for me… I just want a kiss, the last kiss.

He looked into her eyes, while her heart was breaking. And then he kissed her… where the sea touches the land.

She was lying on the sand. Her tears mixed with the salty water. She retained some sand in her hand and then let it go through her fingers. Many years had gone by since he had taken the boat and got lost in the horizon. Nobody else had visited her in that time. She stretched her arm and drew the shape of a heart. The waves erased it. Some day someone will find her and take her away from that place… where the sea touches the land. Where the dream touches reality.

The last kiss was so long ago, she doesn’t remember it anymore. It got lost in the mist.


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