If looked into my eyes, what would you see? You can’t know, because your look goes down and my heart follows.

Black pupils surrounded by hazel traces. Green concentric circles and a grey-bluish tangle. They were once large and expressive, but they withered, like a flower under the blazing summer sun. Perhaps because they’re sad, because they’re tired, but at the end, when they’re alone, hope beats in them, they can be lit by sparks of excitement… they’re only waiting.

What have them contemplated? A long time ago they saw the light of a new beginning, the beauty of what is to be determined, but always looked at the world with a sweet melancholy. They admired skies made of roses and dreams, the candor of something new and unkown, the langour and drowsiness of the long waitings. For a moment, they reached the key which opens the doors of happinnes and its yearned caress. But they also saw too much ideals left, too much fallen myths, the terrible experience of seeing the ingenuity die as it doesn’t deserve, in a lonely street, abandoned and mistreated by all. They contemplate desolated landscapes where nobody lives, looked at the most difficult feelings without a doubt. They descended the dark caverns of rage and indifference. They knew what means to find the doors of the last consolation locked. They resisted where some others left and realized they were wrong. They got stronger and learnt to understand.

They still are able to look with tenderness, to believe in something. Actually, they never stopped doing it. Because they love life and always have wondered about its meaning, about the truth, they wish to reveal its secrets.

Why should you fear that our eyes meet? Perhaps you think you’re going to find something that scares you, something that hurts you… Your gaze suffered. So did mine. And maybe in my eyes you’d find what you lack, the trust you look for. Then, mine would finally find something to believe in.

Now you know what my eyes hide. Perhaps, if our eyes meet, we wouldn’t find the gaze of other eyes, but of another heart.


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