Sometimes, between the crowd, between the people without a name and face that pass by you everyday without changing anything, between the people you’ve never felt interested in… you can meet someone special, someone that makes a difference for you. Someone that gets you to forget the pain you’ve been through and all the loneliness you’ve felt.

But you fear trust him, because a few people in this world worths it and you don’t know if he’s one of them. As feelings grow inside of you, your fear becomes bigger and bigger. You don’t want to go back to live the way you used to, you don’t want yesterday to become today again. So fear and doubts take over you and, as a defence, you hide your true feelings. Today people never talk about important things, never show their true thoughts and feelings, hide their true self under layers and layers of superciality. And all because of the fear of being hurt.

Then start to think that, when you feel something special for someone, nevermind the doubts, the fear, if it is too early to say it, if he hurts you… you have to take the risk and open your heart, because in any moment you can lost that person, he can walk away from your life and you’ll never have another chance to say what was really in your heart. Many people, even I, just hid away their true feelings, lost that chance and still wonder “what if…?”.

And when you decide to take the step and do it, it’s a wonderful moment. For once you can experience the joy and the excitement of walk with you heart in your hands, you feel you have nothing to lose cause you’ve given it all. And, after all, maybe you’ll find trust.

I think there’s not a right time to say “I love you”. Just when you feel it.


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