She’s like a shadow, no one notices her, no one suspects what’s in her mind, no one would say she’s a complex being with complex feelings. Because she always remains in silence. People tend to think she’s innocent, but she’s not. And it seems to her she never will fit in anywhere.

He is sitting next to her, on the ground, talking. He has an extraordinary intelligence, but he’s suffered a lot. Nevertheless, he’s quite self-assured. He still talks. In one moment, she holds her head up and stares at him, because he’s describing exactly the way she feels. She would want to tell him she thinks as him, but  remains in silence. The arguing ends and he gets up from the ground, hurt. As she looks at him while he’s walking away, she experiments the urge of running after him, of shouting at him that she understands his feelings. But she remains in silence while her heart  bleeds.

When he’s gone, she gets up as well and made her way back home. Dark thoughts crosses her mind. Halfway, it starts rainning. She doesn’t have an umbrella, so walks under the rain, alone. Her tears mix with raindrops.


He approaches her and takes a seat by her side. They start talking. They hadn’t talked before, but for one time she breaks her silence and feel comfortable. She’s dying to tell him about what he said some days ago, but she’s not brave enough. Anyway, he’s able to see into her eyes what other people can’t. Then others join the conversation and she hides inside herself again. After some minutes, he leaves.


He’s sitting in the next row. There’s an empty seat by his side. He looks back towards her. Their eyes meet. She’s dying to sit next to him, but remains quite. She hasn’t enough courage and takes her seat again.

It’s time to say goodbye. Surprisingly for her, he walks towards and hugs her while he whispers in her ear: ‘How good you are’. For a second, she feels something moving inside her heart. Then he walks away from her life to never come back. Only emptyness and regrets for unspoken words will be left in her heart.


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