Now, I’m ready to say goodbye to life as I’ve always known it and start from scratch in a new place where nobody knows me and doesn’t even imagine how my life has been before get there. And, again, I wonder if I’ll do it right this time, if I’ll find that that I’ve been lacking during too much time, if there I’ll finally find a home for me.
This is the third time I get a new start, but not of them before has been as great as this. But I promie myself that I won’t wast it and for once I’ll do what I want without thinking about anyone else.

On the other hand, this morning I was packing and keeping all the remains of what it’s gonna belong to my past soon and I felt sad cause I have to leave behind the people I love here and an important part of my life, and I know things and myself will never be the same when years pass by and I come back here, but I must keep on on my way.
I feel a bit scared too, cause what if I do it wrong this time again? What if I can’t hold on and give up?

Anyway, I have hope on the future… I have a bit of time left, but my new life will start soon, and this time I can’t fail.

(Originally written on 14/6/2013)


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