Soon it’s gonna be my best friend’s birthday, announcement that summer is here again, and, for this year, I decided to write her a kind of letter about our long friendship.
I know I could have done something better than a letter written with a cheap pen, like a slideshow with photographs, music and all that, the kind of things that people do these days, but I have reasons for my decision. The story of why I choose the letter and the cheap pen is quite long and I’m not gonna tell it here now, but, in a nutshell, I almost lost something my friend did for me years ago because of the computer and a data error. So that’s why I wanted to do something which doesn’t depend on electricity, or computting or whatever, something that my friend can read whenever she needs or wants to. Moreover, although it’s the key of progress, I think technology has taken away a lot of the romanticism of life.
So in the letter I wrote, I told my friend that the problem of any long friendship is that you get used to have that person by your side and you take for granted that he or she is gonna be there always, so that you forget how to say the important things, things that maybe are evident, but it’s good to remind them sometimes. And this not only happens between friends, but in all kind of relationships.
As I’m a very reticent person, I’m so used to keep my feelings for myself that I find strange and difficult to express them to someone I know. Then, I’m not a person who tends to say nice things to everybody and, although I’m sensible, I always hide that part of me. In conclusion, writting that letter wasn’t going to be an easy task for me. But, after write about the problems of long relationships, I started with something easy: make a travel through my memories of my friend, from the earliest to the most recent ones.
I forgot a long time ago how we became friends, although the first memory I have about her is from before that, when we were three and attend playschool.
I remember I wanted to play with a toy, so that I went to look for it. But I found that my friend had it. Then I stared at her for a while and thought something like ‘I’ve never played with this child’. Then, my next memory is from when we were already friends, at four and a half years old, more or less, and we were in the playground laughing together. It seems to me it was spring then, I don’t know why. And, after that, all the memories come together: the summers in the pool, the other children calling us ‘nerds’, she and I playing in her house garden, the concerts, wandering around town with no place to go, talking in the bar on Sundays mornings, rememebering the old times, our programme in the local radio station… always struggleling toogether for so much years.
Finally, I wrote for her five pages with our memories, just to tell her at the end the important things I wanted: that I love her and she appears in most of the happiest memories of my life, that she’s important to me until the point that I barely can imagine how my life and even myself would have been if she hadn’t been here. Since we’re born, all things change around us: years goes by, summers passes, birthdays passes, schools passes, works passes, stages passes, friends enter and get away of our life, people who we used to love changed or were gone and they’re not with us anymore, even we have changed a lot since that first mememory… all passes, but she’s always stayed in my life. As Nietzsche said (he’s not one of my favorite philosophers, but I consider he was right about some things), we must accept life with its tragedy, and as long as there’re friends like her, this would be easier to do.
Thank you for all these years of friendship.


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