Yesterday, it was one of that grey days that makes you feel blue.It was raining almost all the time since the morning, so I stayed in after came back home from work. I always have liked this kind of days, they makes me think and feel a sweet melancholy, so that I end up doing things like reading or writing while I listen to the relaxing sound of the rain falling. But yesterday it couldn’t be. I have some work to finish.
Two hours later, when I was sitting at the computer, it stopped raining and the sky cleared. I looked through the window to rest my eyes. The sun was going down and everything was illuminated by a strange light, between pink and orange. It was so beautiful. That reminds me of the village in the countryside were I was raised and the life that I left behind there, because the sunset was that color too. While I lived there, I used to hate that village and dreamed of running away, because there wasn’t nothing to do there, nothing interesting for my restless mind. But now I regret that hate, because when I left it, I realized that deep inside of me I know it’s my home, the place where all started and where I spent my happy days of childhood. And it has its good things too. I used to ride my bike in the summer evenings along the paths in the countryside, feeling free as never. Also I met my best friend of childhood and now, and we spent hours and hours laughing together in the pool, under the sunshine. After all, it was a good life…


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